Vegetable Dildos are a whole new ball game

A line of sex toys in the shape of vegetables (Vegetable Dildos) has been introduced by health food store Holland & Barrett. The shop claims that the vibrators, which retail for £16.95, provide “guilt-free pleasure.” The assortment includes aubergines, carrots, bananas, chili peppers, and silicone corn on the cobs. One client claimed she mistakenly purchased one, believing it to be a real vegetable. She remarked, “I resolved to make the most of this monster and I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life. I soon realized this was a whole other ball game.”

According to a research, 80 per cent of Britons have a hidden guilty-pleasure meal combination, such as tea and coffee in the same cup or hot dogs with jam or fries and pickles. The researchers also discovered salad with cold baked beans, buttered Weetabix, and ham marinated in cola. According to the experts, keeping goodies hidden makes those who consume them feel more fulfilled.

Despite investing eight years and a quarter of a million pounds on the project, the owner of the largest model railway track in Britain said that he “didn’t really plan for it to be the biggest.” The 53-year-old Simon George constructed his railroad in a Wakefield industrial building’s basement. A 1.5-mile section of actual rail at Heaton Lodge Junction in Mirfield in 1983 is recreated on the model. According to him, it was a “weird method of revisiting my history.”


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